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Art Coach

ArtCoach aims to boost the capacity of rural and remote arts organizations and artists to create and share experiences, by removing barriers to digital tools and supports. All of our barrier-free projects include active tech coaching - a vital component identified in our November 2021 survey co-designed with ArtsBC. 

In April 2022 we experimented with a variety of ways to narrow the digital divide for rural and remote artists and arts sector workers, including in-person workshops, 'ask me anything' webinars, hand-picked youtube playlists, a comprehensive resource hub, and an arts-focused podcast series. This initiative is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund.


Our three in-person, one-day workshops were held in:

(Here are some lessons learned from the technical side of things from these workshops.)

Each of these activities experiments attracted dozens of people from all corners of our super-region, and helped deepen our understanding of the parts of our super-region that are underserved, and the fundamental importance of access to culturally safe, low-cost digital tools and coaching.


In November 2022, we shifted gears to see if we could do more than just provide a single day of supports in some of our rural/remote communities. With additional funding from the BC Arts Council to pay for a part-time coach, we launched the Central Island Digital Creation Hub. In the past six months, this digital creation hub has provided free one-to-one coaching to over 150 artists in the Central Island area to build their capacity to engage with the digital world.  Funding for this hub runs out end of May 2023, and then we will pivot to user pay/ user subsidized fee structure. Here is the project report we submitted to BC Arts Council in June 2023.


In March 2023, building on the lessons learned from the Central Island project (report coming soon!), Comox Valley Arts opened their Comox Arts Digital Creation Hub. This hub also offers one-on-one sessions with a tech coach, and has a sliding scale user fee structure. 

In the spring of 2023, we submitted funding proposals to see if we could also install digital creation hubs in partnership with the Tofino Arts Council and the Victoria Native Friendship Centre. No word yet on these grants. It is our hope we can find funding and partners to install a digital creation hub in Port McNeill soon.

We had our engines revving to also try to get a digital creation hub in Port Alberni, and then we learned about the newly opened Alberni Valley Makerspace. This makerspace contains many of the components of our other hubs, and also has incredible prototyping and manufacturing capabilities.

All of these experiences and experiments - some of which are still emerging, have cemented for us the value of and need for physical spaces full of digital creation tools AND coaches. That's why we have built strategically placed physical/digital infrastructure into our vision for an inclusive, connected, thriving Creative Economy.    

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Webinar Series


Podcasting for Beginners

Watch our AMA all about podcasting and audio recording. Our podcasting experts offer tips and tricks for starting your first recording. 

How to Digitally Capture your Art

In this AMA you'll learn how to start taking great photos and videos of your art, plus get basic camera and lighting recommendations. 

Increase your Digital Presence

Digital expert Lys Glassford talks about defining digital presence and increasing your online reach.

Understanding NFTs for Artists

Juan and Laura-Beth help explain the blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs for artists, as well as show examples of projects online.

Youtube Playlists


Capture your art digitally

Great tricks, tips, and techniques for taking photos of your art. The main tool used in these videos is a smartphone.

View the playlist here!

Make art videos and more

A wide range of examples for how to shoot art videos, interviews and more using smartphone. 

View the playlist here!

Make time lapse videos

Some simple instructional videos for making time lapses of your artwork/art process.

View the playlist here!

Ramp up your digital tools

Tips on what hardware and software you need to create and display your artwork.

View the playlist here!

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