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We're delivering free online and in real life activities so artists can play around with new ways to amplify their stories and artwork.


Huge thanks to the many artists and arts councils who helped us put on some wonderful tech workshops in April and May 2022. We're hoping to be able to offer similar experiences again soon.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Podcasting for Beginners

Watch our AMA all about podcasting and audio recording. Our podcasting experts offer tips and tricks for starting your first recording. 

Increase your Digital Presence

Digital expert Lys Glassford talks about defining digital presence and increasing your online reach.

How to Digitally Capture your Art

In this AMA you'll learn how to start taking great photos and videos of your art, plus get basic camera and lighting recommendations. 

Understanding NFTs for Artists

Juan and Laura-Beth help explain the blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs for artists, as well as show examples of projects online.

Helpful Playlists

Photographing Your Art

This playlist will show you the best tricks, tips, and techniques for photographing your art.

View the playlist here!

Take Stills With Your Smart Phone

This playlist will teach you how to take stills by simply using your smartphone.

View the playlist here!

Video Production - iPhone

This playlist will help you use your iPhone to film videos, interviews, artwork, and more. 

View the playlist here!

Video Production - Timelapse

This playlist will give you a simple guide to creating your own timelapse videos.

View the playlist here!

Phone Accessories and Software

This playlist will help you decide on what hardware and software you need to create and display your artwork.

View the playlist here!