we're a collaboration lab: exploring opportunities for innovative arts-based and real-world partnerships

We are a collaboration of artists and arts organizations actively forging connections and synergies with sectors such as economic development and tourism. Why? Because art touches everything: it is a fundamental component of community and individual wellness, tourism and business sector vitality, and so much more. Scroll down to read about our latest projects. 


High level goals:

  • Create economic communities and opportunities based on kindness and collaboration (and geography!), not artificial jurisdictional boundaries. 

  • Embed the arts in every aspect of our lives (which they already are) and honor/highlight their role/value.

  • Design and test new shared services, funding models and partnerships (alternative pathways and explorations for the greater good; that enable us to work smarter, not harder) that build on the unique strengths of communities, organizations and individuals.


We are grateful for the momentum generated by the Digital Innovation Group (DIG) - a group of six Vancouver Island and Gulf Island arts councils.

In March 2020, DIG received funding from the Canada Council for the Arts to explore ways to use technology to transform how arts councils operate, collaborate and communicate. Check out DIG’s exciting initiatives and accomplishments here: digarts.ca

Email us to learn more.




The following projects are collaborations between the Digital Innovation Group (digarts.ca), arts marketing strategist Jenny Farkas, Arts BC, and Tourism Vancouver Island - with funding for the first two provided by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund (DSF). Email us to learn more.

  • Info hub pilot - what if arts orgs and artists could cut through the noise and easily find high quality, curated information? (coming early 2022) 

  • Art coach pilot - what if rural/remote and under-served artist communities had access to a trailer full of technology and ongoing tech coaching? (coming early 2022)

  • Tourism Vancouver Island partnership - what if more artists and art orgs understood they are actually tourism business, and took advantage of incredible, free supports, including working 1-to-1 with expert advisors