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Arts + Culture Powerhouse

Our Vancouver Island + rural Islands super-region has all the ingredients to support a thriving, inclusive Creative Economy. Culture is an untapped economic driver, there are artists, artisans and makers in every nook and cranny, plus we're a top global tourist destination.

Cross-sector Team

We are a mixture of artists, arts centres, arts organizations and representatives from tourism and economic development. We are collaborating and innovating across sectors in support of an inclusive Creative Economy. We believe in 'thinking and acting' like an ecosystem, which for us means caring about the well-being of every community in our super-region. And it means filling gaps in supports and services - especially to equity-denied populations, so everyone can participate. 

Current Programs

Spaces: Digital Creation, community and coaching.

Digital Creation Hub

Central island artists now have  low cost access to digital tools + one-to-one coaching

podcasts: interesctions of art, marketing and life.

Meet Me In The Middle

Our podcast features artists and creative entrepreneurs from all corners of our super-region

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New Services for the Sector

What if you could get regular coaching to develop project

ideas and write grants?

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