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Collection Criteria

We applied two guiding principles for our collection process:

  1. Prioritizing equity, diversity and inclusion

  2. Gathering existing, useful resources


We welcome feedback on our approach, as well as suggestions for alternative and/or additional resources. Please email us.



  • Privacy Notice:
    When providing statements, do not include personal information (such as names, email address, organizations, etc.) about yourself or others. For more information, consult our complete terms and conditions.
  • Disclaimer:
    Content added by participants, as third parties, will be monitored and we reserve the right to remove inappropriate statements including those that have obscene language or sexual content, threaten or defame any person or organization, violate the legal ownership interest of another party, promote commercial services or products, or are not topically related to the discussion.

recommend resources

Use the form below to share great resources with us! Our team will review the resource under our equity policy and add it to the database.

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