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New Project: exploring partnerships between Creative + Tourism sectors

Updated: Mar 18

In January 2024 Creative Coast launches a new project thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts Seed Fund. The project will explore partnership opportunities between the creative and tourism sectors, focusing on collaborative initiatives that can mutually benefit both sectors.

It is exciting work that aspires to lay the foundation for future cross-sectoral partnerships. Our overarching goal is to soften siloes so that creative entrepreneurs can fully benefit from the visitor marketplace, while also supporting the tourism experience and increasing destination attractiveness.

Creative Tourism is recognized as a sustainable means of tourism development: it responds to destinations need “to reinvent itself,” in a global climate crisis and to “do something different in a saturated market.” It “can meet the desire of tourists for more fulfilling and meaningful experiences” while maintaining low-environment and infrastructure impact.** 

As the work of Creative Coast endeavours to point out, artists and creative entrepreneurs  are an underutilized resource in abundance within the Vancouver Island and Rural Islands super-region. Their benefit to the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry here is similarly untapped. 

Project outcomes include:

  • Identify a shared definition of “Creative Tourism” for the region

  • Identify core ideas that may be activated now, or form future projects 

  • Agree on key metrics for success in future collaborations 

To achieve these aims, Creative Coast will work with five advisors drawn from across the region and from different roles and perspectives in arts and tourism. The project will be further informed through consultation with 4VI, the region’s destination management organization. Consultation will also be held with several provincial, regional and community-level service organizations to ensure a multitude of voices are heard.

This project will be led by Creative Coast advisor, Karen Bannister. Karen brings a wealth of experience in both the arts and tourism sectors, including almost six years as Director of Marketing, then VP Operations at 4VI. 

Stay tuned as we announce our five advisors, and share the results of this exciting project. If you wish to contribute in any way, please contact us at 

** Source: Richards, G. and Marques, L. (2012) 'Exploring Creative Tourism: Editors Introduction', Journal of Tourism Consumption and Practice, 4(2), p. 1-11. The image below is also from this article.


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