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Continuum of becoming a fully inclusive arts org

Excellent one-page resource. Adapted from original concept by Kathy Hsieh for the Racial Equity Arts Lab Forum.

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Community Information tool

[free, WCAG]

Compiles over 40 data sets offering insights into regions across B.C. with integrated socio-economic, connectivity and community assets data.

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We all count framework

This user-friendly resource offers a systematic way to ensure a wide range of perspectives are considered in data projects. The framework asks users to consider 7 key components.

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Data feminism

Offering a new way of thinking about data science and ethics—one that is informed by intersectional feminist thought.

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Make art spaces accessible

[free, WCAG]

Packed with concrete actions, this fantastic guide was created through a collaboration between students and faculty members of Humber College, and artists from Tangled Art + Disability.

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Increase access to info + services


Accessibility and inclusion toolkits include a wide variety of useful and practical recommendations, ranging from hosting inclusive meetings to creating accessible digital content.

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