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It's in us to tell stories with data

Arts organizations and artists across the country have a menu of options to choose from to take advantage of Mass Culture's exciting new Data Narratives for the Arts (DNA) project. DNA's goal is to support the arts sector to understand our own data, and use it to tell impactful stories.

The year-long project kicks off next week with the first of three free webinars that are open to everyone. You won't want to miss a fascinating webinar with Canada's esteemed data scientist Sheelagh Carpendale. She'll remind us that data has always been in our lives, and offer suggestions for how to get back in touch with your data. Info about the other two webinars here.

What: Reclaiming our data heritage with Dr Sheelagh Carpendale

When: Wednesday Sep 26, 2023 from 12:30 to 2pm

Then the DNA project will onboard 12 arts organizations from across the country (and pay them!) to do a deep dive into designing and piloting a data community of practice. Because of the overlaps between our data empowerment project (that we are working on with Sheelagh) and Mass Culture's DNA initiative, we've secured a dedicated slot for one Vancouver Island/Rural Islands arts organization.

What: Learning modules and coaching sessions for 12 arts orgs - paid opportunity!

When: 20 hours of time between November 2023 and April 2024

Speaking of coaching, the DNA project is hiring story coaches to support arts organizations to grow their impact.

What: A list of data storytelling coaches

When: 8 to 10 hours of coaching at $125 per hour between Nov2023 + April2024


We are in danger of creating a new elite, dividing those who understand data from those who do not. In my research, I work toward levelling the playing field."

- Dr Sheelagh Carpendale

Canada Research Chair in Information Visualization

Professor of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University

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