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Our local film industry wants you. And your stories!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Intrigued at the idea of working in film and television? The Vancouver Island North Film Commission (INFilm) want you! They are looking for new crew members to work on upcoming films. And they are also interested in local stories that could be turned into films.

There is a new one starting this September that INFilm just developed in partnership with Warner Bros. Apply now for INFilm's Production Assistance Course. More details in the brochure (PDF) at the bottom of this post.

To qualify for this new Production Assistance program, you must be over 18 years of age and living in the Alberni-Clayquot Region. Why this region? Because this is where a bunch of new movie shoots will be happening soon.

Interested in other ways to get involved with INFilm?

  1. Email them with suggestions for GOOD STORY IDEAS. They are always looking for local storytellers and stories - and always want to meet new/emerging videographers.

  2. Email them with suggestions for GOOD SHOOT LOCATIONS. They have photographers on their team who are trained to document our super-region's incredible location offerings.


Motion Picture Crew Training - P.A. - FAQ's 2023FA
Download PDF • 282KB


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